Worry Releasing Crystal Collection

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Worry Releasing Crystals

We all have worries from time to time, but do you ever find yourself worrying about silly things? If you find these worries keep you awake at night & you just want to release these worries … 

these crystals will really help xxx

Black Obsidian

This Crystal is fantastic at absorbing your worries. Before you go to bed, hold this Crystal in your hand, the Crystal should feel cold to the touch at first. As you hold it tightly try & relax & envisage all of your worries leaving your head & entering the Crystal ~ you will feel the Crystal start to get quite hot (this means it is absorbing all of that negative worry energy). Now place the Crystal on your bedroom window sill for recharging.


Next, take your Amethyst Crystal, relax back in bed & place your Crystal onto your pillow or keep in your hand & let it rebalance & recharge your energy as you sleep calmly & soundly. 

Amethyst will help you to unwind & become more peaceful.

This collection comes with an added relaxation extra - a lovely bag of lavender to pop your crystals in for recharging, or placing under your pillow for a lovely peaceful night's sleep xxx

*Make sure you recharge your Black Obsidian after every use to make sure it is recharged and ready to help when you need it.

With love from, Crystal Harmony xxx 

Includes a beautiful Organza bag, Meaning card, Dried Lavender, & comes Gift Wrapped :-) xxx