Tourmalated Quartz ▫️▪️

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▪️NEW▫️Tourmalated Quartz ▪️▫️ A powerful combination of Clear Quartz & Black Tourmaline, with strong metaphysical properties lying within it. The light contained within this Crystal will surround the body & acts as a powerful protective field of energy, to keep you safe & shield you from harm.

Black Tourmaline clears negativity from your environment & clears emotional problems, creating harmony amongst all of the chakras ... the combination of Black Tourmaline &

 Clear Quartz amplifies the properties of the Tourmaline, making it extra powerful & strong! A great Crystal to wear on the body to create a shielding light in your

 Aura as you go about your day, no matter what you may encounter 💎🔮💕 #tourmaline #quartz #crystals #aura #shield #protector #powerful