Amethyst Chevron Worry Crystals 👍🏼💜🔮

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💜 Amethyst 💜 Think of Amethyst as a crystal to have close by when you need to think clearly, calmly and logically! Whilst emotions are essential, we can often be blinded by emotion and make decisions based only on this and forget to apply logic. Things like pride, stubbornness or insecurities can blur our decision making, but with amethyst we are reminded to take a breath, stay calm and make a correct call 🔮💕🔮 Amethyst is also amazing for anyone wanting to strengthen intuition or psychic abilities and keeps us safe and protected 🔮 Bringing Balance, Patience, Calm & Peace 💜Amethyst is a Natural Tranquilliser 💕🙌🏼 Promotes Peacefulness, Happiness & Contentment 🙌🏼🔮🙌🏼🔮💕💕💕💕