Quartz Clusters of Sizzling Energy!! 🤩💥⚡️

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Quartz Clusters of Sizzling Energy!! 💥⚡️

💎💎 Harmonise & Balance your Chakras with these pretty Clear Quartz Clusters 🙏🏼 also the Health Crystal reminding you to always make healthy choices 🍏 & to be grateful for your health & to help you with recovery if you have been ill
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💎  Clear Quartz  💎
🙌 The ‘Master Healer’ 🙌
Brings Calmness & Harmony 💕
Acts as a deep soul cleanser 
 🙋🏽 Stimulates the immune system & 
Brings the body into balance
Harmonises all of your Chakras  🙌
 💎 Place under your pillow while you sleep 😴
 to help your mind work through any issues  🙏🏼
**Clear Quartz is the most powerful healing 
🌍 & energy amplifier on the Planet!* 🌍