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Positive thinking, sounds really easy doesn't it, but when things are not going to plan or situations are difficult, its easier said than done and we can easily slip into a negative thought process... which is doubly dangerous as we can attract even move negative circumstances to ourselves if we are in a negative mind frame.

Staying positive is very beneficial for our mental health primarily because it eliminates any negative thoughts that can cause depression and stress. The process is actually a domino effect in terms of our overall health. Those who think positively feel happier and are more contented with their lives.

Talk to yourself positively and guard against speaking negatively to, or about, yourself. Be your own champion. You, more than anyone else in your life, need and deserve that and doing this helps you to be the best you can be for other people too.

These three crystals have been specially selected to maintain a positive frame of mind! 

▪️ Black Tourmaline ▪️dispelling negative energies, entities, or destructive forces 🔮highly useful in purifying & neutralising one’s own negative thoughts & internal conflicts, turning them into positive, usable energy 😀 Black Tourmaline promotes a positive outlook, despite the circumstances.
🍊💪🏼💎Carnelian 🍊💪🏼💎 Promotes confidence, success & is a very motivating Crystal. Gives us a massive ‘Energy Boost’ and increases ambition & inspiration 
Attracts Prosperity & Good Luck. Carnelian is worn to enhance positivity, passion, love & desire 💕😘
☀️Citrine ☀️ Brings Success & Prosperity ☀️💰 Attracts abundance & generosity. 
Brings confidence & positive energy 💛☀️ Citrine is a happy Crystal 😊& brings happiness to the person ☀️ who carries it 😊☀️
Stay positive!! xxxxx