📝✒️Learning & Studying Crystal Collection 📚📓

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📚📓 Studying Crystal Collection 📝✒️
💙 Blue Calcite - Crystal Calcite is known as the Crystal for Students! 
It carries the energies helpful for the Mind,
Calcite can help to increase Memory & Learning abilities, but it also enhances Motivation & Drive 📝✒️
📝✒️ Calcite can aid Students in retaining knowledge & encourage you to see issues from different points of view 📚📓
Keep this Crystal on your desk while you are working & in your pocket when 
you are sitting an exam! 
📿 Sodalite - Bracelet 
Sodalite is a Crystal of Logic, Rationality & Efficiency 📚📓
It is helpful for working in groups & it stimulates thought 
Sodalite is a Crystal that is good for Communication
It is also known as the Poet's Crystal 📝✒️
It increases Intelligence, Knowledge & Learning
📝✒️ ‘Make sure you wear this as much as you can but especially when you are in the classroom listening to new information & also when you are revising’ 📚📓

 🔮💜 Amethyst Rough Crystal for Calmness 🙏🏼💜💎Helping you to remain Calm & Relaxed through your revision & exams 💜💎🔮

With Love from Crystal Harmony xxx