Labradorite with Rose Quartz Bracelet = Heart powerhouse 🔮💎💞📿

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Labradorite with Rose Quartz Bracelet = The Heart powerhouse 🔮💎💞📿 

Labradorite & Rose Quartz are both extremely healing for our heart chakra ~ repairing the heart from any love, emotional breakage that we may not know how to repair 💔 Labradorite sets to work 👩🏽‍⚕️ Repairing the emotional pain & damage whilst Rose Quartz fills it back up with Love 💕💕💕 because as you know ..... when we give Love 💗 we receive it even stronger 💕💞❤️ Love is the most powerful energy 💖 so if we get the heart ❣ right .... we get it all right 😍❤️💗💞💕💖