Hay fever Relief Crystal Collection

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Aquamarine is associated with the throat Chakra, inspiring courage to the user as well as compassion. It is also used to reduce hay fever and allergies at a time where pollen or other irritants are present.
Carnelian Vitalises the immune system and helps the body detoxify; particularly useful when your allergies are getting worse over time or you are fatigued by seasonal allergies.
Carnelian is particularly vitalising and nourishing to the immune system. Common allergic reactions are congestion and inflammation. Carnelian's energy can help relieve these unpleasant symptoms. As the immune system reacts repeatedly to pollen, food, or other allergens over days, weeks, or years, the immune system often becomes even more sensitive, and the allergic reaction worsens. Carnelian's vitalizing effect on the immune system helps the body detoxify and reduce oversensitivity
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