🍀 Green Aventurine Crystals 🍀


 💚Green Aventurine 🍀

 ‘Crystal of Opportunity’ 
🍀 Luckiest of all Crystals, especially in manifesting 
Prosperity & Wealth 💰
💚 Increases your chances of Winning! 🍀
Its Winning Energy makes it a great Crystal 
for boosting one’s chances in any situation ….. 
a first date, tax returns, even securing a promotion 
Its super powerful, you only need to have it near you -
to feel its magical ways!
Brings optimism & a zest for life, allowing one to move 
forward with confidence & to embrace change 💚 
Also includes a pretty meaning card, dried Lavender, scented, cleansed & charged  & also comes beautifully gift wrapped :-) xxx