Garnet Crystal Bracelets ❤️📿

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Garnet Crystal Bracelets ❤️📿 can help bring out your best side making you more attractive to employers & more popular with colleagues. It makes others want to work with you giving you an advantage over others. This makes it a great Crystal to wear or carry when you are competing with other colleagues for a pay raise or promotion! Wear or carry a garnet Crystal to a job interview to help the interviewer be impressed by you. You will be the one they think about first when it comes time to decide who gets the job! Garnet brings out your passion for life & for living, bringing you closer to family and friends. It restores your vitality & passion for life giving you extra energy! ❤️ #garnet #bracelets #red  #energy #healing #crystals £12 each 📿❤️💕