🍊💪🏼💎Deep Orange Carnelian Gem Bracelets 🍊💪🏼

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🍊💪🏼💎Deep Orange Carnelian Gem Bracelets  🍊💪🏼💎 Confidence, Success & Motivating Crystal  
Gives a massive ‘Energy Boost’
Increases Ambition & Inspiration 
Attract Prosperity & Good Luck
‘Placed at your front door Carnelian will invoke 
Protection & brings Abundance into the home’
Carnelian is traditionally worn to enhance 
Passion, Love & Desire 💕😘
🍊Place your Crystal at your front door to invoke Protection &
bring Abundance into the home 
Wear a Carnelian Crystal bracelet to get all the benefits of vitamins &
make sure they are all absorbed perfectly 


This is also a great Crystal to add to your collection to help recharge all of your other Crystals 💎💎💎