Dalmatian Jasper Hearts ♥️

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💎Dalmatian Jasper Hearts ♥️ 

💕Dalmatian Crystals encourage fidelity 💑 & emotional harmony, strengthening family bonds and long-term friendships 👯

Children benefit on all levels from this beautiful Crystal, particularly at night to assure safe sleep and in 😴preventing dreams of monsters and other nightmares.

Brings practical solutions, organisation 

👓 & assertiveness but at the

 same time brings a sense of fun to your life 😍

 Stimulates the imagination & ideas & lets you see a way to put them into practice & make them happen!


Exhausted 💤?


This Crystal has a lovely energy that reminds you that you can enjoy life, that its okay to have fun.

The black spots within the Dalmatian Jasper are Black Tourmaline, which gives this Crystal the energy of spiritual grounding and psychic protection. ... The dalmation jasper meaning helps you to move forward in life, discovering your true purpose. It brings a sense of playfulness and joy into your life.


This is because the spots of Black Tourmaline in the Crystal will suck up any negativity or disharmony that it finds in the surroundings.


It will also balance your yin and yang. It will dispel any dysfunctional energy and fill your life with positive energies ♥️ #heart #dalmatian #jasper #playful #love #crystals #gemstones #positivevibes