Cut Emotional Cords Crystals ✂️

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Lately we’ve been thinking about past relationships and the remaining emotional issues they can leave behind. This has lead us to put together the 3 perfect crystal bracelets 📿to help us release emotional attachments and cut what is known as 'etheric cords' with crystal energy 🙌🏼💎🔮💞✨

An etheric cord is an energy structure that connects to our energy bodies (chakras, aura etc.). We form etheric cords with everyone that we are close with. The cords serve as a channel of communication between us and the other person, and if the relationship is a healthy one, the energy will be calming and pleasing with happiness & love 💕But, if the relationship is toxic, the negative vibes stay in the cord, and that’s why we are unable to fully move on and we get stuck in the past 🙅🏼‍♀

Use our 3 Crystal bracelets that are perfect for emotional heart healing, letting go, healing the pain & moving on, learning to love yourself again & to vibrate higher that allows you to attract your true soulmate 💏

Rhodonite 💕 for healing emotional wounds and breaking down walls that we may have built around our hearts for self protection

Unakite 💕 to lift our confidence, heal the heart chakra and let us learn to be more self loving

Labradorite 💕 for magical new beginnings and exciting and positive times ahead of us

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