Crystal Point Precious Pendants 🔮

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Crystal Point Precious Pendants on a Silver plated Necklace 🔮🔮🔮🐅
🐅Tigers Eye 💰🐅👁 💛 Gold attracts Gold 💰💸💷Crystal of Protection 🍀 Brings Good Luck 🍀Prosperity, Wealth & Success 💰🌟💫 Enhances integrity, willpower & self-confidence 💁🏼Releases blocked creativity 🙌🏽
Enhance our own personal power 🙋🏽Promotes a positive attitude & assist us in accomplishing our goals 💛Helps us to recognise our own talents & abilities 🌟
Amethyst 💜🙅🏽 ‘Crystal of Protection’ Amethyst is used as a psychic protection Crystal 🙅🏽& is also used to protect you from thieves & to protects traveler’s. Bringing Balance, Patience, Calm & Peace💜Amethyst is a Natural Tranquilliser. Promotes Peacefulness, Happiness & Contentment. Used as a Dream Crystal & to help Insomnia, place your Amethyst Crystal underneath your pillow to bring about pleasant dreams & restful sleep’ 💜
Rose Quartz 🌹 Rose Quartz 🌹The Love Crystal 💕Crystal of unconditional Love that opens the 💖Heart Chakra to all forms of Love 💕 Brings Peace & Calm 🌹Rose Quartz is a very happy & loving Crystal 💝 Used to balance emotions 🌹Brings stress relief & easing of anxiety 🙏🏼Sleep with Rose Quartz underneath your pillow for the perfect nights sleep 💞
Black Obsidian 🙅🏽💪🏼 Brings Strength & Courage 💪🏼Helps to absorb your worries 💕Deflecting negativity away from you & your aura 🙅🏽Blocks negative energies & draws out mental tension ▪️Dissolves emotional blockages & old traumas. Reduces the pain of arthritis & joint problems. Helps to protect against depression 💜
Lapis Lazuli  💪🏼 Crystal of Power, Wisdom & Royalty 👑 Worn by Kings 👑 & Religious figures 🙏🏼 Lapis establishes relationships 💙 of love 💕& friendship  💙Helps to express feelings & emotions. Encourages you to take charge of your life.Provides Vitality 💙