Crystal Card Reading (Online)

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Our amazing Crystal cards help us to identify the exact Crystal that you should be using, our Crystal card deck allows us to select a card on your behalf, leading us to the correct Crystal for you!

Would you love to know the exact Crystal for you? The Crystal that you need at this moment in time? The Crystal you should be using / working with? The Crystal that will compliment & support you?

Simply ask a question & keep it focused in your mind, or perhaps you have a situation that you need support or guidance with? Whatever it is that you need help with, just keep that thought at the centre of your mind whilst we select a Crystal card for you  ... we will then spend some time with you explaining the Crystal & Crystal meaning & what drawing that Crystal card signifies :-)  

Once you have purchased this amazing Crystal card reading, please email us with your question or you might just want us to choose for you & thats completely fine -

We will then send you, your selected Crystal, in a pretty organza bag - in dried lavender, cleansed & charged, with the Crystal meaning card, beautifully gift wrapped - in the post to you to have by your side :-)

With love from Crystal Harmony xxx