Carnelian Eggs 馃崐馃

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Beautiful Carnelian Crystal Eggs 馃 鉁达笍馃崐拢9.95 including Egg Stand 馃寘鉁达笍 WHAT IS SPECIAL ABOUT CARNELIAN? 馃崐鉁达笍

Carnelian is both an energy booster and an energy stabiliser 馃檹馃徏 馃崐 Although it does increase the energy flow in any space (or for any body), Carnelian does it in a happy and calm kind of way. It is a joyful Crystal that feels very secure in its essence and transmits the same warmth, protection and inner security to its surroundings 馃檹馃徏鉁达笍 The energy of Carnelian resembles a peaceful, warm afternoon filled with genuine happiness. Its joyful energy has a nourishing and protective quality to it.

Carnelian has courage, confidence, and creativity at its core; all these qualities are combined in a calm and grounded kind of way 馃崐鉁达笍馃檹馃徏馃槝 #Carnelian #egg #motivation #energy #courage #confidence #happiness #boost