Natural Black Tourmaline 🖤


Protecting your home internet space📡🏡▪️Add Black Tourmaline next to your internet router to offer a little protection to all of that energy that the internet & the signal is releasing .... its pretty powerful stuff this internet signal to reach all around your home 🏡 so placing Black Tourmaline will guard against radiation & environmental pollutants 📱💻🖥📺📡

🙅🏽 A premier talisman of Protection 🙅🏽 a psychic shield deflecting & dispelling negative energies, entities, or destructive forces 🔮 & is highly useful in purifying & neutralising one’s own negative thoughts 💭  & internal conflicts, turning them into positive, usable energy 😀


Working with the Root Chakra to ground energy & promote vitality.


▪️Black Tourmaline cleanses & balances your Aura 🙏🏼


You can also use Black Tourmaline to promote a positive outlook,


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