Crystal Necklaces & Pendants

Wearing Crystal Necklaces is a great way to keep their energy close to your throat chakra. Having crystals in this area of the body helps us in many ways!

Crystals near the throat chakra will assist us with communication ~ and help us get our ideas, thoughts, opinions and messages across to others in a really clear way. It also helps us be truthful in what we communicate, and to stay true to ourselves and not be too influenced by others. As well as communication, crystals here will help us tune into our hearing; it helps us be alert to messages, whether they be messages from others but also our angels and tunes us in to messages from the universe, and from within us ~ helps us to listen to our gut, feelings and emotions for a deeper understanding.

The throat also holds our thyroid gland which has such a huge job to do in keeping our body’s healthy and in balance, crystals will help in this way also.