Crystal Healing Chip Bracelets 🔮💎

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Crystals for healing or protection are best kept close and in direct contact with your skin, these Crystal Chip Bracelets are ideal to make sure your chosen Crystal is close to you at all times  🔮💎

One of the best ways to benefit from the healing properties of Crystals is to wear them. Select your bracelet based upon the Crystals most suitable and appropriate for achieving your purpose but if you are unsure just go with your instinct as the right crystal will choose you if you ask it too, simply by choosing the colour that you are most drawn to. Even people who have no conscious knowledge of the healing properties of Crystals will intuitively select Crystal jewellery that often has a positive healing effect for them. 


You may wear your bracelet on either wrist as you prefer, however you may like to consider that it is widely recognised that Crystals worn on the left side have to do with receiving energy and inner matters, with Crystals worn on the right side dealing with projective matters and outside issues.

Our gorgeous Crystal chip bracelets all come with an individual meaning card, cleansed & charged for you to use  :-) 🔮💎 
Please take care with your delicate Crystal bracelets .... taking on & off & stretching the elastic will causing fraying ..... catching & bashing accidentally may cause to break.... breakage may also happen unexpectedly.... this may be caused by the Crystals holding onto an overload of energy.... & also the Crystals have finished working for you as a sign of healing completion 🙌🏼
With Love from Crystal Harmony xxx