The Amazing Moon Energy Bracelets 🌚🌓🌔🌕⭐🙏🏌💫🌓🌚🌑


Ever Wondered Which moonstone You should Choose? 🌚🌚❀🌚🌚Harness the power of the Moon by wearing Moonstone throughout the moons phases!!! Guys that ball of energy up there is the sky is a MASSIVE source of energy, inspiration and intuition for us all... but we must tap in to it!!! Wearing Moonstone is the perfect way to do so... and popping your bracelet outside each 28 days on a full moon 🌕 will make sure you carry the energy throughout the rest of the cycle!!! 🌚🌕🌚🌕🌚🌕🌚 🌚 BLACK 🌕 CREAM 🍑 PEACH or 🌈 RAINBOW... find out which is best for you!!! Click below to find out...

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NEW Special Crystal Treatment 💕💎🙏🏌🙌🏌

💕💎Welcome me to the best hour of your life!!! We will take you through a process and pop you out the other end, refreshingly alive and ready to absolutely love life!!! With the help of crystal healing we will unblock what may be holding you back and give you a fresh start... a new you!!!  

In simple terms... There are seven chakras which are openings into energy points within the physical body. Each chakra vibrates at a different frequency, and transmits energy when opened and balanced. When any of the chakras are closed or blocked, dis~ease can occur as the energy which is needed to sustain the physical and emotional body’s well-being is restricted. In order to correct this problem, the seven chakras must be opened and re-balanced, thereby clearing any clogged or blocked chakras and allowing energy to flow freely into the physical body ~ this is the base aim of this session.

Using crystals we are able to heal holistically – these wonderful gifts from Mother Nature, calm emotions and mind, neutralise and align the body. By placing them over the chakras, they will gently release suppressed feelings and emotional blockages and the energy centres will become balanced and rejuvenated. Chakras take out the healing energy of crystals to your body and distribute the healing energy of crystals. Each crystal radiates a unique healing energy in harmony with a particular chakra...


The Crystal Harmony Showrooms

We will be open for appointments every Wednesday at Claire’s Studio (LE67)and Thursdays at Emma’s Cabin (LE7) from 10am -2pm 🔮👌🏌💎🥰😘
Message Claire or Emma to let us know your coming along 💕❀🔮
👩‍👊‍👊Claire: 07506 483219
👩‍👧‍👧Emma: 07866 710466

We will also be open on Saturdays from 12~3!! Come and take a sneak peak at Emma’s Cabin (LE7) or Claire’s Studio (LE67) whichever is closer to you 💎🔮💎
*** Please be aware that there is a little dog that lives at Emma's cabin and whilst we would love to, we are unable to welcome Children due to the delicate nature of crystals and the abundance of candles and incense that will be lit xxxx

Crystal Harmony UK

Here at Crystal Harmony you will find a magical selection of Healing Crystals. Whatever their size or shape, Crystals promote spiritual & emotional wellbeing - Relaxation & Peace!
You are talking to Emma or Claire and we are Crystal Harmony, we are always on hand to help and we simply love talking about all things crystals so don't be afraid to send us a question or ask anything you are not sure about. Whatsapp Claire or Emma with your question and we will be happy to make your shopping experience easier for you ... you can reach us on 07866710466 or 07506483219